Q1 – Who is the Kuwaiti Credit Bureau?

The Credit Information Network (Ci-Net) is the only credit bureau in the state in Kuwait.

Q2: What supervisory and regulatory authorities overlook Ci-Net activities?

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 9 of 2019 regarding the regulation of the exchange of credit information, the business and activities of the Company are subject to the supervision of the Central Bank of Kuwait for the purpose of monitoring its compliance in accordance to its executive regulations and the relevant rules, controls and instructions.

Q3 – When did Ci-Net start its operations?

The company has started its operation in April 2003.

Q4: Which entities can join Ci-Net as members?

All data providers in all its forms, types, government agencies are authorized to inquire and obtain credit information and reports provided by the company and also any other local or foreign entities approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Q5: Can individuals join Ci-Net membership?

Inividuals are not allowed to join Credit Information Network company membership.