Q1 – Who is the Kuwaiti Credit Bureau?

The Credit Information Network (Ci-Net) is the only credit bureau in the state in Kuwait.

Q2: What supervisory and regulatory authorities overlook Ci-Net activities?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Law 2 of 2001 regarding Establishing a System to Compile Data and Information Pertaining to Consumer Loans and Credit Facilities associated with installment transactions, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Central Bank of Kuwait are the supervisory and regulatory authorities which overlook Ci-Net activities.

Q3 – When did Ci-Net start its operations?

The company has started its operation in April 2003.

Q4: Which entities can join Ci-Net as members?

All banking entities, financing and investment companies, auto sale and rental companies, electronics companies, and any other entity provides credit facilities for all types of ownership transfer of goods and services including operating and financing lease either through installment sale.

Q5: Can individuals join Ci-Net membership?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Law 2 of 2001, individuals cannot join Ci-Net membership.

Q6: Can Ci-Net provide credit information and data about companies?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Law 2 of 2001, Ci-Net can provide information and data only about individuals to assess their financial and credit worthiness.