The Kuwait Credit Information Network Company was established in 2001 and it started its operation in April 2003.

CINET is a specialised company in the business of collecting, analysing and using credit information to prepare credit records, issuing credit reports and credit classification for individual and corporate clients. The company is also preparing and developing risk tools and its related information and data in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 9 of 2019 regarding the regulation of information exchange credit and its executive regulations. The Kuwait Credit Information Network Company places all its capabilities to provide the banking sector, financial entities and entities that provide services to individuals with a wide system of professional services in the field of business. CINET commits to a team of professionals, who in turn, provide subscribers with the latest services in the credit field supported by the most advanced technologies recognised.

CINET’s ownership is shared by Central Bank of Kuwait and Ten commercial banks and Eight financial companies.

CINET operates in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 9 of 2019 regarding the regulation of credit information exchange and its executive regulations.

Banking entities, finance and investment companies, car sales and rental companies, electronics companies and any other entity that provides credit facilities and services can subscribe to CINET system.

Ci-Net implements strict technical measures to ensure the safety of all credit information it collects. The credit database cannot be accessed illegally due to the security measures used in the company. CINET is certified by ISO (ISO 27001: 2013).

Individuals and companies can request their credit report through the website of CINET and benefit from its services online, visit the company's headquarters or through the lending institutions that the customer deals with.

Subscribing entities cannot view your credit reports without obtaining your approval that requires your consent to a customer's authorisation form. If you find out that your credit report was previewed without your prior consent, you can send a complaint to CINET.

Yes, you can obtain information about the entities that have inquired about or obtained your credit reports by requesting your credit report from CINET.

CINET has two types of credit reports: the commercial credit report and the individual credit report. The credit report contains credit information, positive and negative data, including credit rating indicators and all details of credit facilities granted to customers (individuals and companies).

The credit report provides you with an opportunity to view the history of your credit dealings and obligations. Moreover, the report provides your credit digital rating. By reviewing your credit report regularly, you can ensure the validity of your credit information that is provided by the entities subscribed in CINET system.

Negative information is any information that negatively affects your credit worthiness.

The company displays record only for the last five years in the credit report. With regard to legal accounts, the status of the negative information will remain for a period of three years from the date of removal of the legal procedure.

The credit report consists of the following information: 

  • Personal Information of Individuals: This section includes personal information about the individual customer such as its full name, official identity, gender, date of birth and nationality.
  • Corporate personal information: This section includes information about the company such as the name, legal entity, official identity, place of residence, and date of establishment.
  • Credit Information: This section includes the details of the credit accounts provided to the customer and the record of inquiries according to the following:
    • History of the inquiry: This section includes all previous inquiries in the customer's credit report conducted by the entities subscribed to Ci-Net system.
    • Account Details: This section includes details of open and closed credit accounts and the name of the subscribed entity providing this data.

The Credit Information Report and Credit Scoring generated by CINET automated system are electronic report and does not require stamp or signature. If the client would like to send his / her Credit Information Report to any other party in  / out side State of Kuwait at his own responsibility, The Credit Information Report shall be sent via email address to the respective party after completion of purchasing the report by Client through CINET E-portal or CINET Smart Mobile App from Google play store or Apple Store.

You can create an account to obtain your credit report through the website of Ci-Net. After registering, you must come to the company headquarters to activate your account, which you can use to obtain your credit report and start benefiting from the other services provided by CINET.

The subscribed entities in CINET are responsible for updating your credit information on a daily basis in the company's automated system.

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