How to apply for dispute


How to apply for dispute or object to the content of the credit information report?

The complaint can be submitted after the issuance of the credit information report, either by visiting the headquarters of CINET or through accessing the company's online services (website - smart phone application).

The complaint form shall be submitted (click here to submit a complaint form) to object to the validity of the information and data contained in the credit information report only and attach the necessary documents to discuss the complaint request submitted by the customer. However, if you have are any other problems or inquiries, please (contact us).

According to the provisions of Law No. 9 of 2019 regarding the regulation of credit information exchange and its executive regulations, if a credit information company finds an error in the information and data submitted to it, the provider of information and data shall be notified within five days from the date of receiving the complaint, to examine the complaint and perform the necessary correction and inform the credit information company of the same within three days. In all cases, the company shall notify the customer of the same no later than fifteen days from the date of receiving the complaint.

The complainant customer may file a grievance with the Central Bank of Kuwait within fifteen days from the date of being notified by CINET of the result of examining the complaint submitted by the customer, and the Central Bank of Kuwait will decide on this grievance within fifteen days.

The complaint can be followed up by calling (22431540) or sending an email to