Mission Vision & Core Values


The Mission:

We seek to provide credit inquiries, credit rating and credit information services in an innovative way and at the highest levels of professionalism and trust to contribute to strengthening the credit system, advancing the credit culture and promoting trust among customers in the credit community.  

The Vision:

We look forward to pioneering and leading in creating and building a credit information network according to the best international standards with the highest levels of quality in order to provide additional values to shareholders and customers.

Core Values:

  • Confidence
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Information security and confidentiality
  • Accuracy and comprehensiveness

Company Goals:

  • To help the financial and banking sectors make the right decision when granting credit facilities by using the services provided by CINET.
  • To facilitate financing operations, increase the collection rates of financing granted to the customer, and reduce non-performing financing.
  • To contribute to facilitating individual transactions and reducing credit and financing risks.