CINET places all its capabilities to provide the financial, banking and commercial sectors with a wide variety of services in the field of credit reporting, credit rating and other value-added services. Among the main products and services provided by the company are the following:

Self Inquiry

Self inquiry is a request for a credit report by an (individual or corporate) customer to check its credit status. The credit report provides the history of transactions and credit obligations. The credit report also provides the digital credit rating index for individuals. When the customer reviews its credit report regularly, it can ensure the validity of its personal credit information. The customer can also object in the event of any differences and protect itself against identity fraud and perform a primary self-assessment prior to applying for credit.

Credit Rating (Digital Assessment)

Credit rating is a digital index that follows statistical principles developed specifically to match the data and pattern of the Kuwaiti credit market, according to best international practices and specifications. This index summarizes the entire credit history of the customer whereby it is calculated using advanced mathematical and statistical methods. This reflects the rating score associated with the customer's settlement of its future obligations.

Reporting Data Discrepancies

Reporting Data Discrepancies is the process of reporting and objecting to any discrepancies in the data and information included in the customer credit report and seeking resolution for such disputes according to the provisions of the law regulating the company's business.

Technical Analysis Reports

Technical Analysis Reports are reports prepared based on the information available in the company’s credit record using the best technical analysis practices that enable entities that grant credits and other related parties to assess the performance of credit portfolios and associated risk indicators.