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Consumer Inquiry Report

The credit information report is an electronic report issued by the company as per the request of the customers, and it includes correct, realistic, accurate and updated information on the individual and the credit facilities data granted to them. The information is collected from the data providers and shows the description, eligibility and credit capacity of customers.
The CIR includes all consumer credit information including but not limited to:
  • Personal Information

    (Full Name – Gender- Date of Birth – Nationality).
  • Credit Information:

    • Payment history.
    • Due Amounts from the customer.
    • Types of portfolios.
    • Inquiries history.
    • Family Fund Indicators.
    • Government Fund Indictors.
    • Customer Credit Legal Status.


Self Inquiry

A self inquiry is a request for a credit report by a customer personally to check his/her credit status. A Customer can check his own credit report to verify accuracy and update information and date displayed on the report. It may dispute any discrepancies, to protect oneself against ID fraud and to perform a primary self-assessment prior to applying for credit.
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Numerical Credit Scoring

Numerical Credit scoring is the process of calculating and representing the credit risk of a Subject in a numeric form. A credit score is calculated based on certain credit score factors derived from the credit information of Subject.

Reporting Data Discrepancies

Reporting Data Discrepancies is the process of reporting any discrepancies in data and information included in the customer credit report and seeking resolution for such disputes arising between the customer and data providers.

Portfolio Monitoring Reports

Portfolio Monitoring Reports (PMR) are reports that are designed based on the predefined business parameters that enable banks and financial institutions to evaluate portfolio performance. The reports are generated based on information included in CI-NET records. They help to analyze the portfolio growth rates and the impact of its risks in the credit local market.